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April 26, 2011

Learning as I go (April Mama Tip)


Rosebud is addicted to cheez-its.  I’m not proud of that fact, but I’ve accepted it.  We went through a similar stage with cheerios so I know that this too shall pass.

Parenting Fail:

We had an outing planned to the aquarium.  We’ve been before and the kids love it.  It’s a bit hard scheduling wise since it’s about an hour away, but we make it work.  Before we leave I pack a bunch of snacks (since the key to any outing with 3 small children is lots.of.snacks) including a big baggie filled with enough cheez-its to feed a small army…or get RB through the day.  Just before we enter the aquarium I decide to give RB some of the crackers so she’ll last longer until lunch.  I pull out the bag give her a handful and pat myself on the back for planning ahead.  And that’s where it all falls apart.  I bet some of you more experienced toddler moms know just where this is heading…

Well, since she saw that there was an entire bag, a handful would never do.  In her 1-year-old mind there was absolutely no reason why we shouldn’t just sit there while she eats the whole bag.  Nevermind the jellyfish and sharks and super cool things just around the bend.  All that mattered was cheez-its.  Cue the flopping on the floor, screaming, crying tantrum when mean mommy insisted that the cheez-its were all done.

Parenting Win:

It’s a few weekends later and its time to head to a museum.  This time when I pack the diaper bag, I get a stroke of genius.  It’s all about the little snack bags.  I throw a small handful in 3 of them and into the bag they go.  Now when we get to the museum I hand Rosebud a nice little baggie of a few crackers.  She happily eats them and accepts that when the bag is empty, she’s all done.  Talk about motherhood cloud nine – a quick little fix and it worked!! Horray!

Okay, so I realize that I have no business being so excited about outsmarting a 17 month old, but apparently this is what my life has come to.