I’ve been having adoption party daydreams. 

Daydreams that might or might not include ponies.

* * *

If this doesn’t work out, it will be an impossibly hard fall.  I may as well enjoy the possibilities now.

6 Responses to “Confession”

  1. My drems went from a little boy adoption party to a sibling set. Mine includes, not ponies, but cotton candy machines.

    Impossibly hard. Let’s think possitive. Don’t give up hope, until the gavels are banged!

  2. That made me smile…the ponies. Dream dream dream away!

  3. I want so much to promise you it will work out. While you wait- dream, dream big! It sure as hell beats worrying yourself sick (I may know something about that).Hoping for lots of ponies in your very near future.

  4. It sounds totally awesome. I think it’s great to enjoy the possibilities while they’re in front of you!

    By the way, somewhere along the way I didn’t get your new password and I haven’t managed to re-request it (I’m so disorganized lately!). Can I have it, please?

  5. We’re dreaming of ponies right with ya.


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