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April 12, 2011

A Breath of Fresh Air

Yesterday we had another meeting with the new social worker.  She seems to be a keeper.  Easy to talk to and easy to trust. 

She told us some interesting things including the fact that the previous social worker doesn’t think mom is aware that we are a same-sex couple.  That he had never actually told her (over the course of a year.and.a.half) and that during visits Sprout mostly talks about me so mom might not have made the connection otherwise.  Uh, WTF? There are lots of things I could say about that, but what it boils down to is a bad situation.  Disrespectful to mom and disrespectful to us. 

But I don’t want to focus on the negative because our meeting was quite nice.  We spent most of the time talking about topics such as open vs. closed adoption and negotiating visitation.  How her supervisors are pushing her to close this case quickly as zero progress has been made on the plan.  And did I mention adoption?! 

*Yes, yes, insert all standard disclaimers here (still a long ways away, bio fathers, bio family, ect)*

But the woman said the ‘A’ word.  I swear it was at least 5 times.