Sunny Friday Giveaway!

I love the support and interest you all have shown for my cloth diapering escapades and my love for Kawaii diapers is no secret.  Now I’d like to give you the chance to try them as well!  Dip your toe into the cloth diapering waters for free, or add a new dipe to your stash.

The giveaway includes two options…

1) A new one size snap pocket diaper in a fun (gender neutral!) blue star print:

Includes the waterproof outer cover and 2 microfiber inserts/liners.

2) A new Happy Leak-Free Diaper Cover (with snaps) in pretty light blue:

 Includes the diaper cover and 2 microfiber liners to be used like so:

Size Chart for both 

  • Weight: 8-36 lbs.
  • Rise: 13.5″ – 19.5″
  • Waist: 14″ – 28″

Fun!! Now all you have to do to enter is leave a comment on this post answering the question:

What interests you most about cloth diapering?  Or, if you are already CDing, what do you like most about it?

Two winners will be chosen on April 15th via random number generator.  The first winner will get to choose which of the above they prefer and the second winner will get whichever is left over. 


1. Only one entry by question-answering per person.

2. You can get one additional entry for sharing or linking a post from this blog elsewhere.  It doesn’t have to be this post – any one you choose is good.  Just be sure to leave a second comment on this post letting me know that you’ve shared so you get your extra entry.  (ps – if you choose to share something on fa.cebook and we are FB friends, please don’t tag my name to it.  privacy for the kids and all.  please and thank you!)

3. You must be a US resident. Sorry! Though I don’t think I have a large international following 😉

Good luck!

42 Responses to “Sunny Friday Giveaway!”

  1. Yay! First to enter. But, wait. Isn’t that bad “random number wise?” Anyway, I am interested in cloth diapers because they are better for the environment, better for baby’s bottom, and they have made them so much easier than when I used to babysit! We are just starting to get a few “baby hope chest” items–all gender neutral, of course.

  2. Let’s see…better for the baby, SOOOO much less waste, and more economical for us. Certainly we can do an extra load of laundry every day or two, right?

  3. Woohoo for giveaways! Well we first got interested in CDing because of the cost savings. But now that I’ve done more research and I’m starting the stash, I am really happy about the environmental effects as well. Plus DH and I both have super sensitive skin, we are sure the baby will too, and I’ve heard CDs are much kinder to baby’s butt!! 🙂

  4. I’m interested in cloth diapering because we like to save money, hate filling up landfills, and they look super cute!

  5. I started CD’ing a few months ago. I LOVE that we don’t have blowouts anymore!!

  6. I wanted to cloth, and the more I read, the better I think it is. I’m not comfortable with all the chemicals in ours. I never bought any and would love to show DH that it’s easier than he thinks it is.

  7. I already use cloth and I absolutely love the fact that I can simply run down to my laundry room when I’m running low on dipes instead of having to make a trip to the store.

  8. I love being in control of how much “bad” I am putting into the environment. I may not be a wonderful “green” momma in all respects but I feel like I am doing my best in this endeavor.

    It doesn’t hurt that it makes her bottom so darn cute!

  9. Wheee!!! I’m so excited! I want to try cloth diapering, but I’m chicken. And lazy. And did I mention chicken. If I win one, though, I will take that as a sign that I need to give in and go for it. If not… well, I’ll just keep talking about trying it until someone shuts me up already.

  10. I shared this post on FB…..but made sure not to tag ya! However really badly wanted to share the cuteness that is your family!

  11. I love everything about cloth diapering so far. My daughters big fluffy bum, less waste, no rashes, no leaks or blowouts.

  12. I enjoyed the cuteness the cds added to my little cutie (who’s is 2 now). They are very cost effective for just a little extra laundry per week.

  13. I am most interested in cd’s bc of how much I spend on disposable ones. I’be heard they are pricey up front but over time you can save. And heck, you can’t beat free 🙂

  14. I used disposables with my son. I’m pregnant with No. 2 now so I’d like to give cloth a try.

  15. I am interested in cloth diapering to save money and the landfills. 🙂 We are entering the foster care world and it makes me nervous since we have no idea how old a child will be but this looks like a valid option!

  16. We cloth diaper – my favorite part is all the money we save!!!! Woot!

  17. I got into CD because of the environmental impacts but now have to say the cuteness factor is my favorite reason!!

  18. I love the cost savings (even if its minimal with the diaper buying habit I have!!) and the environmental aspect, but I REALLY love the cuteness:)

  19. I LOVE CDing! I got into if to save $, but I really like the environmental factor, too.

  20. I am interested in CDs for the cost savings, but also….MAN are they cute (and the concept of not throwing out a trashcan full of diapers each week is appealing!)

  21. Saving money is big! And I like being green. And it’s freaking addictive!

  22. And I linked to you too! 🙂

  23. First I was in it to save money and be greener. Now a year into CDing I love that its all natural fibers on my sons rear end 24/7! I love not having to run to the store for more diapers, I love that we are still a one bag a week trash family. I love when people ASK about CDing and I get to explain it and help others choose what diapers to buy for their kids!

  24. I just linked you on facebook!

  25. There are a lot of reasons I love CDing but the 2 most significant things are 1) I love knowing what is touching my daughters bum. And 2) It’s a huge savings to our family. One last reason…I love the feeling that I’m helping the environment in a small way. I think sposies were the worst invention ever.

  26. Oh, I want to win! I’m interested in Cloth Diapering because it is better for the environment and would save us money on diapers, but my husband isn’t convinced. I hope I win to show him how easy it is!

  27. Second entry…I linked to my FB page!

  28. I began buying CDs when I found out after 18 months I was finally pregnant; I can’t help but continue although my baby is now my angel baby. I love the idea of cloth diapering because I have tried to go eco-conscious in the rest of my life, why not with baby. I want to teach my children through example that one person can make a difference in the world.

  29. This is my second entry with a link to my blog. I linked your giveaway.

  30. I began cloth diapering when my son was 3 months old. I should say that my favorite thing about cloth diapering is the money that i save. However if I am being truthful, I’d say that I love the colors on my baby’s cute bum!! There is nothing like a fluffy little padded bottom. 🙂

  31. Yay for giveaways! We already use cloth and my favorite thing about it is knowing there are no chemicals next to my son’s skin. I also love not tossing diaper after diaper into landfills…. and, of course, how cute his bum looks in cloth diapers. 🙂

  32. I’ve always been interested in CDing… though couldn’t quite get Trav on board (though we do use a cloth swimmy). Its so much better for the environment! Not to mention, cost effective in the long run. Maybe if we give this one a try, he’ll love it. 🙂

  33. I have always thought they were a great idea. They are better for the environment and so much more cost effective. I was unable to get the wife on board but maybe this would change her mind!

  34. I love cloth diapering!! It’s much gentler on my daughter’s skin, it’s environmentally friendly and how frickin’ cute is a cloth diapered butt???

  35. I linked you to my blog!

  36. I’ve been cloth diapering for the past 2 months and love it. They are super cute, I love the cost savings, and they only add 1-2 loads of laundry per week. I wish I’d started sooner.

  37. It was an easy decision, based primarily on the desire to be ‘green’ and since I am going to be a SAHM, it is manageable for us, but when I really started looking into the chemicals that go into disposables… my interest shifted from solely environmental to environmental and health conscious. I use organic soap, etc. on myself, why on earth would I put chemical laden diapers on my newborns fresh little bottom? And have you read about how they are using the chemicals in disposable diapers to help plug the nuclear leak in Japan? eeek!!

  38. Cloth diapering interests me because I hate creating excessive trash, and I love challenging the socially accepted norm! 😉

  39. YAY! I cloth diaper and LOVE it, but the main reason is because they are cute. Yep. Im not an environmental activist, Im not organic (completely, anyway) or worried about the ingredients in the Pampers that I use when Im feeling lazy. I am so crazy over baby things that I just adore seeing those little cloth bummies laying around, and I also love to watch the first parents of my foster children squirm when they first see the “crazy contraptions” on the babies’ bums. Haha!

    That, and I can’t stand the thought of spending 20.00 a week on crap. 😀


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