Where does he come up with this stuff?

While on our trip this weekend we had a playdate with some friends.  Our friends did a lovely job sharing a big backpack full of toys and my kids were in heaven.  I didn’t realize how much Rosebud was enjoying their toys until we got back to our hotel room and I unpacked the diaper bag. 

And found a book and some toys that were definitely not ours.

Me: “Rosebud, how did these toys get in here?”

Rosebud: “Uh oh”

Despite doing my best work on google, I’ve yet to find a good book on how to teach your toddler not to be a thief.

*     *     *

Yesterday at school a teacher absent-mindedly put her purse within toddler reach.  Rosebud-the-swiper dashed over there and had her cubby fingers in that purse before I could blink.   But her brother was all over it…

“Rosebud! You don’t never go in a wo-man’s purse! Its dangerous.  You never know what’s in there.”

I have no idea where he learned that, but I’d say those are some valid words to live by.

4 Responses to “Where does he come up with this stuff?”

  1. So funny! My love & logic mom (did you know I was raised by a teacher and a therapist? Yuppers. It’s a special bond I have with other people raised the same way.) would say “It’s gonna be a long walk back to Susie’s house to bring her books back…”

  2. Oh, and I asked my 40-year old boss to hand me my purse (from behind where he was sitting) the other day. Nope. Said just about what Sprout did. Got up. Moved. So, I could get my own purse. ???

  3. That is AWESOME.


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