Spreading Forgiveness

In preparation for the big move this fall, Sprout’s preschool teacher filled out a questionnaire on his strengths and weaknesses to be passed along to his kindergarten teacher.  There were plenty of compliments and plenty of areas to address, but one statement in particular stood out:

Sprout forgives friends quickly following conflict.  He is our class role model on forgiving.

I couldn’t help but think of this post.  

Have I mentioned how proud I am of that little man?  He’s such a gift and I pray that we can do him justice.

2 Comments to “Spreading Forgiveness”

  1. oh he is just the sweetest! What an admirable trait! Go Sprout, go.

  2. What a beeautiful gift you’ve given that child. It will serve him well. We tell Simeon nearly every day that even if he is strong. Even if he is smart. Even if he is big. Even if he is funny. None of it will matter if he cannot show kindness. He will be very small and very weak in the world if he cannot be kind, if he cannot show mery, if he cannot forgive.

    Sounds like Sprout is learning that same lesson. We are raising strong men. Good men. Way to go Mama!!!

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