We like her! (aka: an update)

Sorry to leave you hanging!  Seconds before I hit “publish” on this post I got a call from daycare informing me of Rosebud’s fever.  Booo.  Especially since her surgery, months in the scheduling, that was supposed to happen Wednesday will now need to be rescheduled.  That girl’s got some kind of timing.

Though, really, there’s not too much to update.

Friday was lovely.  We like the new SW a lot so far.  Especially when she said “geez, if it were me, I would have transferred this file at 9 months given the history…”

So the update in non-DCF terms is that the department has decided that reunification with birth mom is no longer the best goal for the children and they will instead focus on other avenues of permanency. 

There are still many months (years?) ahead of us since they will be exploring all options including family, fathers, ect and the process to terminate mom’s rights will be lengthy, but its a fairly big step for the kids and their journey out of limbo. 

If all goes as planned, there won’t be much to update over the next few months.  Our lovely state only does permanency hearings once a year (*&@#%$^) so we’ll have to wait until October to submit the new plan to the judge, get his/her approval, then file for TPR.  Then there will be hearings and appeals and at some point when Daisy is 12, she will have a forever home.

Sorry.  Nevermind that last bit of sarcasm.

Horray for progress! And thank you all for cheering alongside these sweet children 🙂

6 Comments to “We like her! (aka: an update)”

  1. Boo for the fever. 😦 Permanency hearings 1x a year? Crazy. I am crossing my fingers that permanency is with you all.

  2. OMG, your states foster care system is horrendous. I’m sorry you are stuck in that never-ending absurdity.

    The new SW sounds great! She can see the writng on the wall, which is so important, that’s when our case with LMC finally turned around. I am betting since none of the kids bio family has spoken up after all this time, they won’t in the future. They have to explore those options but we all know where they belong. I am crossing the crossable and praying my heart out for the 5 of you.

    So sorry about RB’s fever and icky timing. I hope she is on the mend soon.

  3. I’ve been awol for a few days and just tuned in… so…

    HOOORRRAAAYYYY!!!! Finally, progress. Oh, I have so many prayers for your little family!

    Also, the sarcasm is fully warranted.

    And there are only termination hearings once a year?!?! WTF kind of crazy child advocacy system is that?! Just when I start to get frustrated in my state, I hear a tidbit like this and thank the Lord for our blessed leaders for children.

  4. once a year!! aside from that craziness, this sounds positive!

  5. Seriously that once a year thing is ridiculous! I’m glad to hear you are getting some positive news and hope the new SW will push things forward for you!

  6. once a year does sound crazy. That said…I am hoping and hoping for your family:) Thanks for sharing this news.

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