Good Touch Bad Touch

I’ve started having the conversation with Sprout about privacy and respecting our bodies.  Teaching him what to expect from others and trying to empower him to demand privacy and respect.  We’ve talked about who should see his penis and what to do if anyone ever makes him feel bad.  I think these are important conversations to have with our children when they are young, but its a delicate balance of being too much or too scary. 

Last night during bath (a natural time and place for these conversations) we talked about it a bit more and Sprout had some questions that we addressed.  It seemed to go quite well – he’s really starting to understand. 

Welp, imagine my surprise when the daycare’s phone number popped up in my caller ID at work.  Seeing that number is never a good thing.  Either a kid is sick, or I’m late paying the bill.  “Oh crap” slips out under my breath.


“Hi, this is [daycare director]. Don’t worry, all the kids are fine.  I just wanted to tell you about a conversation Sprout had with Miss C this morning.”

“Uh oh”

“No, no, nothing bad.  He’s having a great day.  It’s just that – after your wife left at drop off – there were other parents around, I could let you know who if you want to talk to them, it was in the middle of the preschool classroom, and everyone was clothed – Sprout told Miss C that she couldn’t touch his, ah…penis.  We agree with that fully, of course, but I just wanted to discuss it with you to give you the context behind it in case he tells you about it tonight and I could see how that could be alarming to you.”

I could hear the nervousness and discomfort in her voice so when I finished laughing, I was sure to fill her in on our conversations of late.  Which she was supportive of, but kindly asked that we please let his teachers in on discussions like that in the future. 

Oh man, I’m going to be chuckling over that one for a while.

9 Responses to “Good Touch Bad Touch”

  1. My nephew, age 7, gave an oral report in school about some mammal or other–he is a budding zoologist–and included that the baby is born through the mother’s vagina. Love that kid!!

  2. LOL! She probably wishes she called in sick. Good for Sprout 🙂

  3. Way to go Sprout! He’s just makin’ sure everyone knows the rules. Good kid. And hilarious!

  4. At least you know he was listening 🙂

  5. Good job Sprout!

  6. Love it! I wonder how many of the other kids went home and asked their parents, “What’s a penis and why can’t Miss C touch it?”

  7. Ha. Good to keep in mind for the future!

  8. Well you taught the lesson well obviously 🙂


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