I don’t think I need to tell you how much Sprout has changed over the course of this year.  He’s amazing and impresses me every day.  But really, I don’t need to tell you – you already know. 

Instead, let me show you…

A Sprout masterpiece circa March 2010:

 And now, March 2011:

In case you can’t tell, Mommy and Sprout drove the car to the beach.  We held hands and splashed in the water.  Please note my awesome rosy cheeks.

5 Comments to “Wow”

  1. that is awesome! I think he needs to give the boys art lessons. Their stuff still looks like the first one! Go Sprout (and nice rosy cheeks!)

  2. I think they’re both beautiful! Yay beach!

  3. They grow so fast! That’s a frame-worthy masterpiece!!

  4. Awesome post! I see so much of my boy in yours. Posts like this give me hope.

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