It was good to hear yes instead of hearing no.

One of the things I cherish as a mom of 3 is my different relationships with each of my children.  I love them equally, but differently.  I speak to them differently, play with them differently, and respond to them differently.  It’s really quite amazing to see and nurture my separate connections. 

Yesterday Sprout and I had a “Yes Day”.  There are two very simple rules to Yes Day.  Sprout’s requests must be respectful and with a please.  And I must do my very best to say yes.

Can we please drop off his sisters at daycare and spend the day just me and him?


Have a hot dog for breakfast?


Take a long drive to a far away but awesome kids museum?


Run hand in hand through the rain laughing our heads off?


Play puppies/trains/dinosaurs/princesses then puppies again?


Eat lunch at a restaurant that gives out balloons?


Skip nap and instead cuddle up in the library treehouse reading books?


Bounce/climb/slide/chase/tickle again! again! again! and give mama a better workout then she would get at the gym?


Eat ice cream for dinner?


It was a fantastic (albeit nutritionally deficient) day for the both of us and I slept better than I have in months.  Never underestimate the power of yes.

Sprout is fun, energetic, patient, and kind.  He is a joy to spend time with.  A year ago I wasn’t sure I would ever be able to say that.  Spending time with him was work.  It was exhausting and his volatility made the idea of taking him out in public by myself terrifying.  I’m certain all of that made yesterday so much sweeter.  I’m so grateful to enjoy my little boy and I won’t take a single moment of fun for granted.

Thank God I said yes that cold December evening when I got the call.  And I thank God even more that I never stopped saying yes, even in the darkest of days.

9 Responses to “It was good to hear yes instead of hearing no.”

  1. Laughing is so good, that is why we are here.

  2. Glad it was such a special day. I love each and every post I read of yours.

  3. sounds like a great day. I want a yes day!

  4. what an awesome day 🙂

  5. Wonderful wonderful. I’m going to have to remember this Yes Day idea!

  6. Awww…what a special day for both of you. How awesome!

  7. OMG! We are so having a yes day here!!! I LOVE it!!! And isn’t it amazing how very much alike our boys are? Even becoming more pleasant and joyful in tandem?

    I’m so glad y’all are out there 🙂


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