TTC no more?

Q. Will you and A TTC again in the future, if reunification happens. Would you TTC even if Reunification doesn’t happen?

A.  So there are basically 2 scenarios: kids stay or kids go.  If the kids stay, we will definitely be done TTCing forever.  If they go, we are still probably done TTCing.  It was just such a miserable time and we are relieved to be done.  But there is still that part of me that has a fridge full of meds that I just can’t let go of. yet…

2 Comments to “TTC no more?”

  1. It’s such a hard decision to make, especially with meds calling your name. You are very honest about what misery it was and I think that is great. I do hope, with all my heart, that the kids are staying. I almost can’t remember them not being your kids. You seem like a forever family to me already.

  2. That’s a hard decision to make. I do hope the kids stay, but if they do go, I suppose you have options if you choose to TTC again. If they are reunified, would you foster again? I can’t imagine how hard this road is.

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