Makin’ Deals

Sprout and I were making dinner together one evening while I wore the babe and I noticed him giving her a funny little side-eye.

“What are you thinking about Sprout?”

“Mommy T [bio] can have Daisy.  Rosebud and me will stay here.  It’s fair ’cause we been here a long time.  This is my house.”

“This is Daisy’s house too honey.  I don’t know what’s going to happen, but I hope the three of you are always together.”

“I want to stay here.  She can have new babies.”


The list of things a 4-year-old should be worried about includes buzz lightyear, transformers, playdates, kid sisters stealing his toys, and avoiding eating broccoli.  It should not include thoughts like this one. 

And to think of all the things he doesn’t say out loud?  My head spins to imagine it.

My sweet boy – you have no idea how much I wish I could give you the answer you are seeking.

5 Responses to “Makin’ Deals”

  1. I just want to give Sprout a hug…and then let him play with my kids. 😉

  2. Oh Sprout, it is your house, you are right. So many of these kids are so painfully wise beyond their years.Big hugs to all.

  3. Wayyyyyy too much for a little guy to be worrying about. He is so lucky to have you two Moms and be together with his sibs!

  4. Gosh that just made me cry. I have no other words.


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