Onto the Next

I’ve been waiting on 2011 for a while now.  It’s not that 2010 was all bad.  We watched Rosebud grow and blossom into the tenacious happy spitfire that now has a choke hold on my heart.  The rewards reaped from the work we’ve done with Sprout leaves my shoulders feeling lighter and my smiles easy.  Don’t forget tiny, sweet Daisy! She is faith restored.

But let’s just say 2010 has allowed 2011 plenty of room for improvement.  And I resolve to take responsibility and have a hand in that change. 

Here’s what I’d like to do:

  • Rock my babies to sleep whenever they need it.  Rosebud has taught me exactly how fast children grow.  There is just nothing like the feel of a baby falling asleep in your arms and I know my time for that will be gone in a blink.  I want to pack away my sleepy grumbles and drink in my time with them.  Even when it comes at 3am. 
  • Fill Sprout with dreams.  Teach him what capable really means and how to bask in the triumph of hard work.  His heart must know that stars are within reach.
  • Kiss my wife – I mean really kiss her – every day. 
  • Focus on strengthening my life outside of motherhood.  What? Life outside motherhood?  Oh yes, my friends, it does exist.  And part of it pays my mortgage so I’ll start there, with a renewed energy and organization and dedication at work.  I’ve also joined a fitness center.  It’s a chain that I regularly made fun of during my younger years as being an “old lady gym”, but the fact is that I’m much closer to that demographic than I am the other gym in my neighborhood which is within walking distance to a college.  Oh how times have changed…
  • Release my infertility burdens.  Celebrate babies born and kiss pregnant bellies.  Shed. Reclaim. Renew.  This will be the hardest.

3 Comments to “Onto the Next”

  1. Those are wonderful things to strive for! I hope 2011 brings you only happiness.

  2. Good luck. Those are beautiful goals for the coming year.

  3. Wishing you all a Happy Healthy 2011!

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