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December 10, 2010

I know who I want to be when I grow up

I want to be Daisy’s babysitter. 

She’s a foster mom who lives around the corner from us.  She’s retired and single (widowed? divorced? I don’t ask) and has committed the rest of her life to caring for drug exposed and medically complex foster babies.  She jokes that she hasn’t slept through the night in 10 years.

She has had over 100 babies through her home most of which she’s gotten straight from the hospital – either after birth and detox, or recovery from an injury.  She’s seen the worst of the worst and has witnessed the most horrific and disgusting things people do to babies.  But it doesn’t stop her…she will say yes to any call within her age range no matter the difficulties or complexities of the baby’s needs.  She has rocked every last one of those babies to sleep.

I’m sure she’s rarely thanked.  An afterthought in the eyes of the system.  She’s not in it for keeps.  Even the babies will not remember her.  But she does it anyway.  She embodies the saying, “It takes a village to raise a child.”  She’s such an inspiration to me. 

Can you believe there are angels like this in the world?  Thank God there are.