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November 27, 2010

Okay, I’ve got 30 seconds…

The big kids are at the park w/ A and Daisy (thanks Mandy, that’s my favorite flower – how fitting!) is cozied up in my lap.  I’ll try for some answers, though we are sorely lacking any ourselves, especially since it was a holiday placement.

1) She’s not premature.  Crazy, right? Someone lied/misunderstood/miscommunicated/down right didn’t know.  Born full term and the picture of health.

2) I got the kids up early yesterday for our holiday card mailing.  We stopped at S.tarbu.cks because I’m addicted to those red cups and I got the call. Well, actually I got the voicemail since I didn’t recognize the number.  I called back 3 wrong numbers before I got the right one because my hands were shaking so much.  What?? Baby born?? Getting dropped off straight from the hospital??

3) Hung up the phone and told A. She panicked. But agreed that we couldn’t say no.  What about daycare?? We’ll figure it out.

4) Made lots of calls and went about our day as usual.  Of to the children’s museum, stop on the way for formula and newborn diapers, then to a playdate, Mommy E has to leave early so we can get our house inspected and relicensed on the fly for 3 kids (we were previously licensed for 2).

5) Baby arrives about 6 hours from initial call. She’s so cute and so very small.  I’m home alone while the kids are at a friend’s house which works out nicely to get her situated sans chaos.  I can’t believe they just keep dropping babies at my doorstep.

6) Sprout loves her. Touches her so gently and kisses her softly.  Never lets her out of his sight when he’s home. But he still asks in his melancholy too-wise-for-his-years way, “Why does mommy keep having all these babies?” Rosebud is having a tougher transition.

7) No clue was the future holds.  She may be with us for the weekend or forever.  No idea what this means for RU of the other children, though I imagine mom will still get the same opportunity and timeline.  I PRAY that this doesn’t extend things even longer for Sprout and Rosebud.  But I don’t know and might not for some time.  Whatever comes, we will handle.