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November 23, 2010

When the going gets tough…

the tough get remodelling and redecorating.

1) Sprout’s big boy room.

Before (office/junk room):


Okay, so we actually started that before our world came crashing in on us last week, but the nervous energy was helpful to get it all pulled together and mostly finished.  We’re still working on valances, an area rug, and I want to change the pulls on the dresser to something fitting with the theme.

ps – I didn’t have to tidy his room for this picture.  This is exactly as he left it this morning and every morning.  Note to self: mention Sprout’s cleanliness compulsion to therapist…

2) Basement

Unfortunately I don’t have before pictures on this one.  I was too anxious to just get started already (I’ve had this project in my mind since we bought the house), but this is the basement as it stands at the moment.  Well, half of it…we are leaving the other half unfinished for storage.

This space will be a playroom so I can get the darn toys out of my living room already.

And through those sliding doors will be my office area.

A few more coats of mud, a drop ceiling, paint, trim and carpet and hopefully I’ll have the after pics to share with you shortly.

Up next: Rosebud’s nursery (since she’s just recently moved out of our room).

And did I mention that we are also hosting 20 for Thanksgiving?  I’ve got a big fat bird brining away.

I’d say our coping strategy is something akin to “an object in motion stays in motion”…