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November 21, 2010

Pile it On

1) Due to circumstances outside of my control, my mom found out that the kids are being RUed.  We didn’t plan to tell her until much closer to the time, since we all know that anything can happen, but she found out and now she’s devastated.   All along we reminded her, and everyone else, that their goal was to be reunited, they weren’t ours forever, but of course she fell in love…as did so many others in our lives.  And now I feel awful and overwhelmingly guilty for the pain they are all about to experience.  We signed up for this heartbreak and crazy life, but they didn’t.  How do I possibly reconcile that? 

2) Sprout has similarly gotten wind of the changes abreast.  He doesn’t know the details, but he intuitively knows something is up and can guess what it involves.  He’s vacillating between sobbing and begging to stay with us in one breath then being disrespectful, not listening, talking back and generally pushing us away in the next.   We are scraping the bottom of the barrel, desperately collecting the energy needed to guide him through this time.

3) A lost her wedding band.  We’ve searched everywhere, including the garbage, and cleaned the house top to bottom.  Its gone.

This is the point where I look around for the camera.  We must be getting punk’d.  That must be it.