A few extra details…

  • Within the first 5 second of me entering the room (in a running late, bad traffic, no parking, wild rush), they announce bio mom is pregnant with baby number 6.  Hello. 
  • Due just a few weeks after she’s supposed to be reunited with the kids.  Zero to 3 with 2 under 2.  Not exactly a “setting her up for success” kind of situation.  I will be praying for her.  Honestly.
  • I was anxious about meeting bio mom.  But she didn’t show.  Neither did the kids’ attorney.  Seriously?!
  • That phone call on Wednesday was entirely out of the blue.  I made sure everyone in the room knew how very displeased I was with that fact.  And then I got more info on the case in 30 minutes than I’ve gotten in 11 months.  I (of course) still don’t know everything, but I know as much as I need to know.
  • A member of the state’s foster parent advocacy group went with us.  She left feeling as though she didn’t do much, but she did so much.  I’m at peace, at least momentarily, with the level of information/respect/rights we as foster parents are currently receiving.  She is steering us in the right direction and its so very good to be under someone’s wing after dangling for so long.
  • My poor wife.  Usually the strong,  stoic type.  I don’t think she’s stopped crying since Wednesday.  She cried at work, at dinner, at bed time, at the meeting.  The tears just seem to flow and she’s helpless to stop them.  I’ve got to keep my eye on her. 
  • How super awesome is it that we get to go through all of this on top of our IVF 2ww?? If I was ever going to have a mental breakdown, this would be the perfect formula for it.  Thank goodness I drink a lot.   (JOKING people. See, I can still laugh.  or at least chuckle).

8 Comments to “P.S.”

  1. The first thing I thought of when I saw your post about the call was the timing with your 2ww. I have to catch my breath just THINKING about the mixture of emotions you and A are going through right now. You are both in my thoughts. I’m glad you were able to get some answers about what’s going on.

  2. wow. I can’t believe reunification can even be started if she’s pg again….and didn’t even show for the meeting 😦

  3. It just keeps piling on, doesn’t it? Like FH, I was keenly aware of your 2ww while reading your first post, and I wondered about how A was weathering this blow. How awful to have to process that kind of information while ramped up on epic levels of mood-altering hormones. It’s a perfect storm, and I’m so sorry you two are caught in it.

  4. Big big hugs from far away!!! Please send A our love, too. You are both so prayed for right now. Bio mom and kiddos, too. Seriously. I don’t play about when I pray.

  5. Ditto. Ditto. Ditto. I am so sorry you are in the midst of all of this. I can’t imagine going through the activities of your daily life with all of this weight on your shoulders. But, if I even know you *a bit* I know you are. And beautifully.

  6. Wow, what a lot to process all at once and on top of everything else. I’m thinking of your family and wishing for some bright news in the future.

  7. In our county you hear people say,”Give them enough rope. They will either pull themsleves up and out or hang themselves”.

    Bio parents are often given huge hurdles like this to clear. It’s sink or swim and perhaps this is her first big test. Another pregnancy and not showing would bring a case to a screeching halt around here.I am baffled by the way things are done in your state.

    I am glad you got some information and had someone with you but am heartbroken you even have to think of losing the kids. I know the TWW is not helping things either.

    I wish I could do more, say more, somehow make it better for you. I’m sorry.

  8. I only know you through your words on this blog, but my heart just breaks for you.

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