Tough Call

Just got a phone call from the kids’ social worker.  In preparation for an upcoming case meeting, he wanted to give us the heads up that they are in the initial stages of moving towards reunification.  Nothing’s definite.  He’s not sure it will be successful.  No specific plans in place as to what “moving towards RU” will entail. 

It doesn’t really change anything. 

But it feels like it changes everything.

16 Comments to “Tough Call”

  1. Oh, wow. I know that’s always been the expectation, but it makes my heart hurt.

  2. WOW I can not imagine what that felt like. I admire you even more for fostering. I just don’t know how you do it. Those kids are lucky to have had you and A for their mommies even if it is just for a short time. Your love will stay in their hearts forever.

  3. Wow. And ouch. Even if you knew it was coming.

  4. Wow. I was just coming on here to tell you that I have read your whole blog in just a few days and how touched I am by the family you are creating. And, now I read this. My thoughts are with you this week. I really agree with Sam–those kids are soooo lucky to have you. You have taught them so much. I am thinking of you lots and wishing you all the best.

  5. seriously?! We must have some sort of ridiculous link that spans the space time continuum. I just got a call yesterday that Cordelia’s Aunt has come forward (after four months!!!) and we are working on RU with her! We will meet with her tomorrow.

    They haven’t done a home eval. or anything, so much like you, it doesn’t change anything yet… but it changes everything.

    Fear, grief, heartache, anger, frustration…. injustice…

    At least we know we’re not alone. Geeze!

  6. This must be so hard for you to deal with. You seem like such an amazing mother and I am sure you have touched those kids lives forever.

  7. Wow. Just. Wow.

  8. I can’t imagine what you are feeling right now. So sorry.

  9. Nothing new to express that others haven’t expressed above, but wanted to let you know I’m thinking of you all…

  10. I am so sorry. I cannot imagine how scared and hurt you must be right now.

    I am sorry you live in a state where you get so little info and and then WHAM, this call. I hope someone can tell more about what that means and soon.

    I know you know this but, no matter what happens you have touched each others lives forever. All four of you are better for having loved one another.

    I am here if you want to talk.

  11. wow. I can’t imagine what its like to be a foster mommy. Those kids are so loved.

  12. I can’t imagine that any amount of preparation or anticipation can shield you from the difficulty of receiving that call. I wish you had more information to sink your teeth into. I’m sure it only makes it all the more scary that you don’t know what to expect. I hope sunnier days are coming your way soon.

  13. Booooo. My heart is aching for you. You and A have done wonders for those kids. I am so sorry you are going through this. Thinking of you…((hugs))

  14. I have no idea how you and A handle the stress of such a confusing and sometimes cruel system, especially in a state that gives you as foster parents such a small amount of respect. But, no matter what happens in the end, those kids are so incredibly lucky that you are navigating this. I’m sure it does feel like it changes everything, but as I’m sure you also know, the key words in that sentence were “initial stages” and “moving towards,” not necessarily “reunification.” It really doesn’t give you much indication about what the bio parents are actually doing.

    I’m sorry you got that news though. 😦

  15. I agree with previous posters and just wanted to let you know that I’m thinking of your family.

  16. I don’t know what to say or how this must feel. Know that you are in my thoughts.

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