Fert report just in:

10 eggs

4 mature

2 fertilized

If those two hang on, we’ll be transferring them back in Thursday at noon.  Clearly there won’t be anything to freeze.  This is really our last last shot.

On a side note, at this point its OBVIOUS there is an egg issue – why in the world can’t any of the tests detect it??

15 Comments to “Daaaaamn”

  1. I am sending you all of the baby sticky dust and best possible wishes I can. GOOD LUCK!!

  2. Sigh, it only takes one. Fingers crossed indeed.

  3. Fingers crossed that those two hang on and everything goes smoothly on Thursday.

  4. It’s a wonder. Good luck!

  5. goodthoughtsgoodthoughtsgoodthoughts

  6. I’m so sorry. I know you must be so disappointed. Has she had all of the usual tests, autoimmune, PCOS etc.? I wish I had some answers for you.

    I will be praying for those to make it back home and settle in for a nice, long time. Sending you and A lots of hugs and love, though I know it’s of little comfort right now.((HUGS))

  7. I know that’s fewer than you hoped, but I agree with strawberry: it only takes one. Praying for you!

  8. Thinking positive thoughts for you and sending hugs your way!!!

  9. Divide Divide Divide then stick stick stick

  10. I’m sorry no one has been able to give you the answers you need about what you are up against. I’m hoping with everything I have that those two little fighters hang on until Thursday when they can get back into A’s body where they belong.

  11. Hope that this is the only time you need! Grow and stick!!!!

  12. It only takes one! divide and grow little ones!!

  13. Hold on….and grow grow! Thinking about you and hoping these hold on.

  14. Sending all my best vibes for today!!

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