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November 9, 2010


Fert report just in:

10 eggs

4 mature

2 fertilized

If those two hang on, we’ll be transferring them back in Thursday at noon.  Clearly there won’t be anything to freeze.  This is really our last last shot.

On a side note, at this point its OBVIOUS there is an egg issue – why in the world can’t any of the tests detect it??

November 9, 2010

Another Product Rave

Alright, now that Rosebud’s party is over, its time to plan the holiday card!

Okay, okay, you got me…I’ve actually already had the pictures taken, the card selected, and I’m one step away from ordering.  I’m a little crazy when it comes to holiday cards and that craziness translates to holiday cards that MUST be in the mailbox the day after Thanksgiving.  With that kind of deadline, a girl’s got to start the planning early. 

One year I was the nutty person who actually crafted each and every holiday card I sent.  Yeah, I won’t be doing that again.  My new love is Shutterfly.  A million different designs to suit every taste and the card is designed in minutes.  They also have the biggest selection of Hanukkah photo cards I’ve come across some of which are really cute and modern (lets face it, that can not be said about all Hanukkah cards on the market).

But the real purpose of this post, is to alert you to a new product I came across this year.  Here’s a confession: I can’t stand those holiday letters some people include in their cards.  Something about them feels presumptuous, especially when sent by people who aren’t close friends or family.  Do I really care that Johnny, whom I’ve never met, got straight A’s in math this year?  Ummm, no  (sorry Johnny).  But, I can appreciate the desire to update friends and family you don’t see often on big developments in your life. 

Well, let me introduce you to the perfect compromise: Holiday Story Cards.  I love these.  Limited text space so people can’t drone on and on, but extra room for pictures, which is what people are really looking for in holiday cards.  I won’t ruin the surprise for those of you on our card list, but the S family will be rocking one of these this year and I’m far more excited about it than I should be.  Check them out, you just might be smitten as well!

Want to find out how you can get 50 free holiday cards from Shutterfly?  Click HERE!