The latest edition of…

conversations I never thought I’d have:

“Hey Sprout, can you tell me about the bugs I found in your pocket when I was doing laundry?”

“They were cool bugs mom.  I brought them home to show you.”

“I bet they were cool when you found them, but when I found them they were dead which made me sad.  And I prefer mommy, mom sounds too grown-up.”

“I didn’t kill them. They were alive when I put them in my pocket. I am grown up.”

“I believe that, but do you think they had enough air or food in your pocket?”


“So what do you think happens to bugs with no air or food?”

“They die.”


“But can I pick them up?”

“I guess so, as long as your teacher doesn’t ask you not to.”

“But not put them in my pocket.”    


“Can I have a banana?”

6 Comments to “The latest edition of…”

  1. That’s SO awesome.

  2. This is what I have to look forward to, huh?

  3. LOL!So funny.Do you ever look around for the hidden camera? 🙂

  4. hilarious!

    Simeon liberated an acorn beatle larvae from an acorn the other day. Then he pulled it into bits. When I asked him why he was hurting it and asked him not to, he said “I not hurting it, I makin’ it babies! See, sweet, sweet babies!” *shudder* At least it wasn’t malice.

  5. Ha ha! Love it.

  6. “Can I have a banana?”

    I love kids and their segues!

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