Hey Baby, whats your sign?

You know, it never occurred to me to look up what the kids’ astrological signs were until this morning as Rosebud was attempting to claw her way into the shower with me (this child is obsessed with water!) and I mentioned to A, “geez, this kid must be an Aquarius or something”.   She rolled her eyes…’cause i guess if you know anything about anything, you’d know that Aquarius babies are born early in the year. Not November.  Whatever.

So, my curiosity peaked, I jumped over to this site to see what exactly the kids were.

First up was Sprout.  He’s a Gemini. And this is what they had to say about that:

Gemini, The Twins

Your baby is blessed with a quick, engaged mind and needs constant stimulation. Read to him several times a day, and make sure you have lots of little objects (rattles, squishy toys) for him to play with. Satisfy his natural curiosity — and fend off restlessness — with pop-up toys, puppet shows, storytime at the library, and frequent field trips (such as to the supermarket or a fish store). A true chatterbox, your little one may be the first in his baby group to speak. Even if it sounds like gibberish, pay attention: In his mind, he always has something crucial to say.

Well, they hit the nail on the head with chatterbox.  The child does not stop talking.  He loves to be involved in a conversation and always has something critically important to add.  I can also see the quick mind and need for constant stimulation – he is busy busy busy.  What I’d like to know more about is the twin thing.  Does that reference some type of dichotomous personality?  As in, one twin is an angel and the other is…well, you know where I’m going with this.  Because that would explain a lot.

Here’s Rosebud.  She’s a Scorpio.

Scorpio: The Scorpion

Your child’s intensity and perceptiveness are striking (and at times challenging). Even as an infant, she’ll read and respond to your emotions, so manage your anger and frustration in front of her. Because your little one is especially determined to get her own way, you’ll need to put your patience in overdrive. And since Scorpions are prone to shyness in large social settings, make frequent eye contact and let her know you’re there to protect her. Also, keep your home well-stocked with objects that appeal to your child’s probing nature: She likes soft stacking rings, toys with different textures, and open-the-flap books.

Hmmm, this doesn’t quite feel like Rosebud to me.  Certainly she’s unusually perceptive…I’ve said from the time she was little little that her eyes had a “knowing” way about them.  Like she was reading me with every glance.  And determined to get her own way? Absolutely.  But she certainly isn’t shy.   What about her zest for life and adventure?  Her contagious laugh? Her love of attention?

Then it occurred to me that Rosebud was born early.  According to her due date, she should have been a Sagittarius.

Sagittarius: The Archer

Optimistic, outgoing, and content, little Archers are true explorers. Put your baby in a carrier or stroller and she’ll happily go wherever you lead. Spend time roaming around the backyard and checking out the neighborhood: She needs lots of exercise for her physical and mental health. Your child will bounce back quickly from little spills and failures. But she also gets bored easily and constantly needs new toys. To hold her attention, read lots of stories about exciting adventures in faraway lands — and promise that she’ll get to visit them someday too.

Optimistic, outgoing and content?  A true explorer? Ahhh, there’s my little girl.  How interesting that she’s a blend of the two.

And just for fun, do you want to know what they said about me?

What a charmer you’ve brought into the world! Libras are blessed with grace and an inherent ability to captivate everyone around them. Give your social child ample opportunities to interact with her peers, such as baby classes and playdates (she’ll be Ms. Popularity long before she starts preschool). Consider throwing a big party for her first birthday — she’ll likely get a kick out of getting dressed up and being doted on by loved ones. And bust a move together: Libras love music and dancing.

Clearly they were right on with that one  😉

6 Comments to “Hey Baby, whats your sign?”

  1. Well I did it for E and it was very interesting. E is a cancer but is so not a cancer. She is bonded to us but the first sentence reads.
    “will develop a strong bond with Mommy and may well up with tears at the first sign of separation.”

    My kid will go to anyone and is so independent. She ingages with all the people around her. Will go to strangers for comfort. Hell in P-town she was carried around restuarants by the waiters to visit with the other customers. She is no mommies girl.

    So I went to see what she should have been…a virgo.

    Determined, resourceful, and industrious, your baby is anxious to get a head start in life.

    Yup that is my girl!

  2. I’m a Gemini, and I would definitely say that we have a sort of ‘duality’ to our personalities. In the worst sense, it does point to an angel/devil dichotomy, restlessness, unable to make up our minds. In the best sense, it means we can put ourselves in other peoples’ shoes and that we can see and understand both sides of an argument. Because we’re the sign of the twins, it generally means we’re looking for our other half…someone who understands us, that we feel strongly attached to. I like my sign, but of course, there’s good and bad to each.

    We’ve got a Taurus baby. It fits him well, although at this age, most toddlers are stubborn 😉

  3. Its still early, but Gwen is definitely growing into being an Aquarius:

    Aquarius, The Water Bearer: Aquarian babies are natural rebels who like to do things their own way. Get lots of toys to keep your child from becoming restless during tummy time, and lock those cabinets early. Give her the chance to crawl freely on grassy lawns and toddle around the playground. Embrace her discoveries by letting her collect the rocks and other little treasures she finds. Support her individuality by allowing her to decide which outfit she wants to wear or which stuffed animal she wants to sleep with. And introduce new toys, books, and games regularly: Kids born under this sign are bright and often develop ahead of schedule.

    And I am soooo a Leo:
    Your deep emotional generosity is a great gift to your child. Leos make proud, bold, and determined mamas; your big heart and protective nature will help ensure that your child knows he is well loved. Leo moms are also highly creative, so make sure to explore the arts with your child from an early age — this is a surefire way for the two of you to bond. Go to museums, take a craft class, do a messy art project together at home. One thing for Leo Moms to keep in mind is that your larger-than-life personality and natural flare for the dramatic can sometimes overshadow your child. Make sure you give your babe plenty of time in the spotlight, and appreciate him for the unique creature he is.

  4. My girls are pretty much their signs. PBS is a true Aquarius but also has a handful of Pisces traits being right on the cusp. LMC is a Leo through and through. I love the Libra passage, that is so me! Thanks for sharing the link.

  5. Annie and I are both Geminis. I think that it suits us both to a t. We are definately two sided in our moods. Poor Scoop lives with two emotional mood rollercoasters. Of course Annie was born on the cusp of Taurus and shows that stubborness as well.

  6. Mine never fits me. I don’t think I’m an Aquarius at all. JB is an Aries which I think may turn out to suit her fine.

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