We’ve got a green light for IVF #2 and are just waiting on the cycle to come.  This time we’ll be trying an antagonist protocol rather than the long lupron and we’re feeling good about it.  Everyone involved agrees that lupron was no good for A.   The fun bonus is that this protocol is at least a week shorter.

So the calendar is looking something like:

– Stim (follistim and menopur) first week of November

– Suppress around the end of that week (ganirelix)

– Retrieval/Transfer second week of November (Rosebud will be 1!)

– Thanksgiving-ish pregnancy test

A also wants to add acupuncture this cycle ensuring her status as a human pin cushion (i kid!) so she’ll be doing a session during stims, before and after transfer, and sometime around hopeful implantation.

And that’s the update from our camp.  It looks so nice and clean on paper…lets hope it translates to reality and resembles nothing of the rollercoaster that was IVF #1. 


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  1. good luck!
    My boss is doing acupuncture for IF and she says it is an awesome stress reliever!

  2. Best of luck on this new protocol. I think the addition of acupuncture is a great idea. One thing to consider is that the impact on fertility is cumulative and most practitioners recommend beginning as early as possible before the cycle.

  3. I can’t tell you how much I loved acupuncture. I have no idea whether it did anything to help me physically, but the miracle it worked on my emotions and stress level was worth ten times what I paid for it.

    Fingers crossed for the new protocol.

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