Foster Parent Confession

Obviously spurred from my last post…

I don’t think I’m above turning down a placement with a cah-razy name.  I’m not talking about ethnic names…you know the kind I’m talking about.

During training it was a huge fear of mine that we’d get our all-exciting first call and I’d find myself in some moral dilemma because the name was outrageous.  Feces smearer, fire starter, pica, and destructive to property? No problem.  But what’s his name again?

Thankfully stars aligned and names were not an issue when we turned down the first call and accepted the next.  Sprout and Rosebud have names we never would have considered, but suit them well.  I’ve kind of grown to love them – common enough, but they are likely to be the only kids in their class with their name.  Also, Rosebud shares a middle name with a city we honeymooned in (fate!).

But for the next call? I can’t make any promises…

2 Comments to “Foster Parent Confession”

  1. Don’t know if you caught the new show Raising Hope, but the birth mother originally named the baby ‘Princess Beyonce’ 😉

  2. I had a placement (teen girl)in 1999-2000 who had a very ethnic name. She came from Hartford and we lived in East Haddam at the time, which is a beautiful town but very Stepfordish with little color of the skin kind or the rainbow kind.
    In Hartford she would have been one of many with her name, but in East Haddam she was teased and it broke my heart.

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