There are no words, but here are a few

There have been a flurry of phone calls and emails the results of which are wholly unsatisfactory, but you can’t get blood from a stone.   This is what we’ve pieced together as the outcome of yesterday’s missed hearing:

– the kids stay with us

– the state continues efforts to reunify with bio mom

– the next trial date is set for September 2011

They plan for us to continue status quo for another YEAR.  Rosebud will be almost 2 years old.  My head won’t stop spinning since hearing that news.

We will continue fighting, we will continue pushing.  But for today, I am done.

9 Comments to “There are no words, but here are a few”

  1. What an outrage!

    I thought that all of these new mandates were put in place so that we wouldn’t have children languishing in limbo for years? What kind of permanency planning is “we’ll give bio-mom another year and see what happens” when all of the research shows that if they don’t start working to get their kids back right away, statistically they won’t do it at all?

    I feel your frustration and I have so much empathy for your family because I’ve been there.

  2. oh wow. I’m glad the babies are in your loving home though!

  3. 2011???? Holy crap. That is ridiculous. I am so sorry.

  4. This baffles me?! I can’t imagine not going to court for a year! A year??!! We go to court at least every 90 days. At most, if the case is so tedious, we go to pannel and court every four to six months. If the case hasn’t changed in a year, termination starts and must be completed in a year. This is absurd!!! Do your kids get parental visitations?

    This isn’t right. Period. Permanancy should be a priority and that’s from the federal level! I don’t know your state, but you may want to do some research about your state and federal laws regarding permanancy plans for children. Because THIS is not fair to your children or to you!!! Let me know if you need help, ’cause I’ll get to research with you. You should also have a county or state foster parent advocacy group, it would be worth calling them.

    I do know there is a national advocacy group, but I don’t know exactly how they work. Finally, we have a federally funded program called Embrace. You may have one, too. They are usually liasons that help us with scenarios exactly like this. It would be worth looking into, if only to know more about your own rights.

  5. I am nearly speechless and that rarely happens.

    Does your state have steps to TPR. Terminate services, then rights? Do you all have the “fast track” system for children under 3? No hearings for a year sounds very suspicious.

    You may want to chat with an attorney who can better inform you of your states rules. You don’t have to retain but knowing what your rights are and what should be happening might help a lot. I noticed when we started quoting rules, dates etc. we got a lot more info.

    I am beyond sorry you have to go through this. And here I thought CA was screwed up!

  6. P.S. Our state has a program that advocates for foster parents.They list statues, timelines, forms…everything you need! I am going to ask them if such a thing exists in your state. So angry for you and for the kids.

  7. I’m getting caught up late and have nothing of value to add, but wanted to send a hug your way. I can’t imagine anything harder than having to tread water for a year, and with two precious babes on your shoulders no less. The news contained in this post is, like, #78 on the list of things you and A have been through in the past year that I don’t know where I’d find the strength for. I have no doubt that you two will meet this challenge with the same grace and courage that you have met all the others. I just wish you had an easier road ahead of you.

  8. I’m also late to comment, but I’m horrified by your court update. That is absolutely crazy from a system that supposedly puts the best interests of the children first. I hope your research and search for sanity and stability for yourself and the kids in the meantime goes well…

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