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September 23, 2010


Today was the long-awaited day of the first court hearing that we were actually invited to attend.  Of all the different ways I imagined this day to go, it turned out to be nothing as I expected. 

In fact, it turned out to be nothing at all.

A and I hemmed and hawed over what to wear and showed up to the juvenile court with butterflies in our stomach exactly 15 minutes before the hearing was to occur.  I was so nervous I checked and rechecked that notice a million times to make sure we had the date and time correct.  One last check before we entered the building and yup, we’ve got it right. This is it.

I knew something was up by the look of the security guard’s face when we entered.  He called someone else over to deliver the bad news.  The time had been changed – the hearing had already been held 2 hours earlier.  What? Are you sure?? Can you check the name again?  We looked over his shoulder at the schedule and sure enough, there were our children’s names, crossed off…completed.  No calls, no emails, no notice of the change whatsoever.

Livid isn’t even a strong enough word to describe how we felt.  9 long months we had been anticipating this day. So hopeful that we’d finally get any shred of information…and just like that, it was taken.