Planning a Tea Party

In 7 short weeks little miss Rosebud will be celebrating a big birthday and as depressed as I am about it (how in the world has she been here for a YEAR??) I’m also kinda giddy about the party planning.  I live for this stuff and my wife has gladly handed over the reigns.  I’ve decided to go with a tea party theme! Side note: I’m pretty sure I stole that idea from my friend Wishing so shout out to her 🙂

Want to play along? Here are some of my current inspirations…

As much fun as it was to plan Sprout’s Lightening Mc.Queen party, I’ve got to say…thank heavens for little girls 🙂

2 Comments to “Planning a Tea Party”

  1. Squeee! So cute!!! I bet it will be precious!

    I’m planning Simeon’s party for next month. It’ll be a Little Mr.’s moustache party. I can’t wait! Parties are so fun!

  2. EEEEK! So cute. I loved her tea party and still think about ways I could have made it even better.

    Let me know if you want help. I can make and send a fluffy tutu your way :-)I can also email you the graphic we used for her invites, so cute it kills me.

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