Just back from my second IUI.  We’re back in the land of hopeful.  Here’s the stats this month: 

  • 24 million motile post wash (best yet!)
  • Dominant follie 21.7 as of yesterday (also best yet!)
  • Our fave doc performed the IUI (love her!)
  • Found out fave doc is pregnant (now we’re even more curious to find out which team she plays for…)
  • We’ll be going back tomorrow for a second IUI (can’t waste our best follie and donor on poor timing)
  • That IUI will fall on our wedding anniversary.  August also marks our 1 year anniversary with the clinic. 

And that picture up there is from the office.  I was so surprised to see it when we walked in.  We go to a very big, medical, research clinic and while there are catheters, ultrasound machines, and sterile syringes galore, it’s quite out of the norm to see fertility statues lying around.  I had to grab a picture because I just love the juxtaposition of the goddess surrounded by surgical gloves.  I’m not entirely sure that I believe in things like fertility statutes, but hey, we’ll take whatever we can get. 

A May baby? Maybe…

6 Comments to “2/12”

  1. Here’s hoping for you! May the fertility goddess bless you as your egg meets the sperm. 🙂

  2. And Happy Anniversary!

  3. Hoping, hoping, hoping…

  4. Oh, I hope I hope I hope!

  5. Oh, here’s hoping this is it!

  6. A May baby would be a precious welcome to Spring! Blessings!

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