My Sidekick

Now that little miss is mobile, every time i look down, this is what I see.  Washing the dishes, packing lunches, doing the laundry…she grabs a toy and follows right behind me. 

My adorable new shadow…she is pure joy.

6 Comments to “My Sidekick”

  1. What a cutie. Love how she carries the toy around in her mouth (ours used to do that, too)

  2. I just want to squeeze her, so freaking cute! Enjoy your shadow 🙂

  3. She is such a doll! What fun!!!

  4. Oh, my heart! The cuteness!

  5. Georgeous! I have some hair questions since you are a few months ahead of us with the beautiful girl. Cordelia’s hair is really soft, but already quite large. I wash it once a week and keep a hair moisturizer in it. Is Rosebud’s naturally that short, or have you cut it?

  6. Thanks!

    As for the hair, it’s that length on its own, we’ve never had to cut it. Our care is about the same as yours…wash once a week and comb through with baby oil every other day to keep it moisturized and neat.

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