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August 17, 2010

Ten Things Tuesday

1) I’ve been short on words lately.  Its been a tough few days and I’m struggling to form posts that relay our experiences in a respectful way to the parties involved.  And by “parties involved” I mean my wife and son.

2) They are amazing wonderful people separately, but something happens when you get them together.  Just lately and occasionally – thankfully not always.

3) What it comes down to is that they are just too similar for their own good. Its uncanny, really.  Among so many other things, they share the same flavor of stubbornness.

4) On a mildly related note, I thought we had kicked the angry peeing thing back in March.  I was wrong.

5) Proof of divine intervention: our “Happy Anniversary” case of wine arrived this weekend (we were married at a winery).

6) Also good news, I don’t think I’ve mentioned yet here that Rosebud has started crawling.  Trouble, meet Rosebud.  I’m sure you two will be fast friends.

7) I finally got the jeep stroller I’ve been coveting.  Brand new and for a fraction of the price.  I love crai.gslist.

8 ) The evening visits have been going much smoother lately.  They are now supervised by an outside agency with the goal that visits are “therapeutic” meaning the social worker will coach mom in her interactions with the kids and parenting in general.  Visits used to involve Sprout sitting and watching TV…but this week, no TV and they colored together!

9) The visits have also been allowing A and I to have a nice date night once a week.  Its like free babysitting! Win-win (rare occurrence in this foster word).

10) And on an entirely different topic, this blog post had me in tears at my desk this morning.  What an incredible moment.