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August 11, 2010

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August 11, 2010



Its 8am and I’ve already had quite the morning.  You’ll thank me later for sparing you the intimate details, but lets just say that Rosebud has learned how to take off her own diaper.  Also, the two dogs we are watching decided to tag team an escape – the big one dug a hole under the fence, and the little one managed to squeeze herself to freedom aka: run wild through my neighborhood.  All while I was cleaning up after Rosebud’s new “skill”.  Oh yeah, and Sprout absolutely did not want cereal, eggs, pancakes, or fruit for breakfast – he only wanted peach yogurt and only really horrible mommies run out of peach yogurt.    

By the time I made it to the computer, I was feeling pretty war-torn and anything but beautiful.  But there was Monica, waiting with this award and some wonderfully sweet compliments.  It felt just like a big ol’ hug.  If you haven’t checked out Monica’s blog over at Noisy. Colorful. Lively, you absolutely should. Right now.  Go ahead, I’ll wait.    

When I first stumbled upon Noisy. Colorful. Lively, I excitedly told my wife, who could not care less about blogging, all about her beautiful family and her kid that was just like ours (bless your heart).  When I read her posts, I find myself nodding my head with a mmhmm, mmhmm.  She’s another foster mama who’s honest and funny and clearly loves a good challenge.  Her passion for parenting oozes through every sentence and I get the feeling that she’s one of those moms who has no idea how good she really is; she is the perfect match for her Simeon.  I admire her natural balance of words, humor, and God.  I’ll be reading along for a long time to come!   

I’ve also got a couple other beautiful blogger friends I’d like to introduce you to.  These two ladies both have big and exciting (and nerve-wracking) changes coming in the next few weeks, though knowing them as I do, they will handle these times with strength, grace, and a whole lot of love.   

First up is SupersammyG and Shazam over at Darwin Has 2 Mommies.  SSG, Shazam, and their cutie daughter are a family of strong, beautiful women.  They love just as hard as they work and are the kind of people you could sit down and talk to for hours, walking away feeling really listened to.  Good people, through and through.  Their daughter, Ella, is simply a miracle – she’s a happy, determined little girl who is so stinking gorgeous (go check out the blog, there is picture proof!).  I’m so grateful to know this family.  Best of luck in the weeks to come; I know you’ll get through it just as you have everything else: with each other.   

Next is my friend Wishing Hoping Praying.  Another kindred spirit across the miles, she and her wife are foster mommies to two adorable little girls.  Baby girls who came to their home broken and without a place in this world, but are now sweet, and spunky, and thriving!  They’ve weathered quite the journey over these past couple years, but holding on to their faith and their hope, they have created for themselves a bright and joyful future.  I’ll be thinking of them often over the next couple weeks with prayers that everything falls into place as its meant to – I have a feeling there will be some big celebrations in that home shortly!  

So ladies, now for the rules….post the award on your blog, link back to the person that gave it to you, and give it to whomever you want to, as long as they are beautiful!