Soccer Camp

We took Sprout to soccer camp last week.  I’m pretty sure he didn’t learn a single thing about the sport, but it was the best money we spent all summer.  As I’ve discussed with some of you already, watching 3 and 4 year olds “learn” to play soccer is hilarious.  All of us parents just set up our chairs along the sidelines and tried to hold in our laughter as the coach attempted to herd squirrels teach.  And the kids? Well, they compared shin guards, picked their noses, watched the clouds, and – on rare occasion – paid attention.

Here are a few examples of the hilarity:

– The coach was from the UK.  Probably a very accomplished athlete and soccer star, but the kids didn’t care one bit about that.  Instead, they spent 20 minutes asking why he was talking funny.

– Sprout had a mini-meltdown during a game about another player having too long with the ball and not sharing it.  The other mama pulled him aside to explain that he had to try to take the ball away from the other kid.  Sprout gave a little frown and a “that’s not nice…” but nevertheless, he charged back onto the field, tracked down the boy with the ball, and nearly getting kicked in the face, he picked it right up.  “Look, look, I got it like you said Mommy!”

– The next opportunity Sprout got with the ball, he was doing a beautiful job dribbling it towards the goal.  We were all getting excited that there was some semblance of a soccer game going on! Anticipation was building…then he stopped mid-dribble to pick a clover and walked right off the field to deliver the flower to me.

 Oh yes, worth every penny indeed.  Maybe next year he’ll actually learn the sport…

3 Comments to “Soccer Camp”

  1. So cute. I love 4 year olds. 🙂

  2. Adorable! I love that he brought you the flower, LOL!

  3. Haha, I am rolling at my desk! I have been debating signing my 4 yo daughter up for soccer and I’m thinking the laughs alone just might be worth it:)

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