Baby For Sale

Cute and cheap.

All those peaceful and easy nights when she was itty bitty are kicking us in the tuchus right now.  Teething is going to be the death of us all.  Think I’m being dramatic? You should have heard the screaming last night…in fact, did you?

One Comment to “Baby For Sale”

  1. I did hear it!

    I’m so sorry Rosebud is having such a tough time. PBS cannot handle teething either and it’s no fun at all.

    Aside from the usual tablets/gels/meds we use when needed frozen fruit or ice in a mesh feeder worked like a charm. I even let her have it in her crib (ice only) a few times. She would fall asleep wih the icy feeder right in her mouth. SILENCE!

    I hope tonight is better if not let’s talk a trade. One teething baby for one climber/hitter?

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