Products Raves

I got two awesome deliveries in the mail and I’m really excited to share them with you! 

(I’m not receiving anything in exchange for these recommendations, I just really like them and think you might too.)

1) Foster lifebook:

I was feeling pretty overwhelmed at the prospect of creating a lifebook for Sprout –  concerned I would leave something out or include unnecessary things, ect.  I looked around online and just wasn’t loving anything I found, until I stumbled across the All About Me Lifebook.  It is so perfect and so easy!  You can tell that an actual foster parent came up with it.

It comes in this cute carrying case:

Inside you’ll find a 3 ring binder, a bunch of pages, and a few more containers for artwork, tickets, treasures, trinkets, ect.  Load the pages into the binder and you are already half done! Book is quickly and simply completed with pictures and fill-in-the-blanks.

Here are a few examples of the pages inside:Medical info and history (very important!! 6 months into placement and we are still struggling to find this info on Sprout):

There are lots more pages, but this gives you the idea.  Awesome, right?

The website I found this on is but it looks like their site is down at the moment.   Alternatively, you can send an email to ResourceWk at and I’m sure they’ll hook you up (or email me for a phone number).

2) Diaper bag:

I’m an etsy addict.  So much creative, cute, handmade goodness on there! Usually I’m just a window shopper (damn budget), but when I came across this diaper bag, I just had to have it! Its stylish, sturdy, and the perfect size for going out to dinner, a trip to the mall, ect.  You all know how important it is for me to keep the balance between mommy and the woman I used to be, and finds like this make that balance possible.  You don’t even want to know what I was using as a diaper bag before this came in…

Check it out! She’s got a ton of awesome fabrics in all different size bags:

One Comment to “Products Raves”

  1. I am loving that lifebook! What a great idea. Thanks for the tip. Adorable diaper bag as well 🙂

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