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June 29, 2010

Ten Things Tuesday

1) Sprout is now 4!  Wow, I can’t believe we have a 4-year-old.  It rained on his party day so he didn’t get his bounce house and ice cream truck, but he did get pizza, a lightning m.cqueen cake, a house full of people who love him, and positively spoiled rotten with gifts. 

2) At 4 years old he now brushes his own teeth and gets himself dressed (so what if 80% of the time his undies are backwards?) and he has tie shoes.  He also has his first bike and will be attending soccer camp soon.  He knows all of his letters and can spell a few words.  He’s so proud to be a big boy! 

3) At 4 years old he also now rolls his eyes, makes faces behind our backs, and if one parent gives him an answer he doesn’t like, he’ll quickly run to the next to try to get a better answer.  Ahhh yes, 4 going on 14.

4) We are struggling with bed wetting.  He’s such a deep sleeper that he just doesn’t wake to use the toilet…despite a million different attempts, he’s only ever had 1 successful dry night.  So he’s still in p.ull ups overnight and mommies are at a loss.  Suggestions please??

5) His teeth are fixed! It took a few hours of filling and capping in the OR, but they didn’t have to pull any which was the biggest concern.  He was such a brave boy and his recovery was amazingly quick.  And for better or worse, bio mom didn’t attend the surgery so all potential awkwardness was avoided.

6) Rosebud is up to 18lbs!  Hanging right in there at  the 50th percentile for her age.  75th for length and 95th for head circumference.  Vaccinations are still really rough for her – spikes a 103/104 fever and is crabby for days.  I can only imagine how bad it would be if we weren’t on a delayed schedule.

7) She’s sitting for long periods of time and trying to pull up on anything she can find.  No interest in crawling, but she beams with pride if you let her hold your fingers so she can walk across the room.  She’s holding her own bottle, eating a wide variety of fruits and veggies, and talks, talks, talks up a storm.  2 teeth have popped through with more shortly to follow.

8)  Her favorite things include: the water (baths, pools, oceans, she’ll take it however she can get it), Sop.hie the giraffe, and tossing her spoons off the high chair with a giggle and an “uh oh”.  She is curious, feisty, and fearless – and I’m pretty sure she knows exactly how cute she is.  We are in trouble.   

9) Both of them are absolutely thriving at the new daycare.  They are loved and challenged and enjoyed – its such a grateful change from the last place.  I’m still not loving the food (nothing junky per se, but lots of processed foods, starches, and canned fruits/veggies), but having one less lunch to pack every day is awesome. 

10)  We still have zero idea what’s going on with their case.  They could be with us for another month, or forever.  They are so tight-lipped on these things its maddening.  Has mom gone to rehab? Gotten a place to live? Completed an iota or all of her plan? No clue!