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June 28, 2010

Hello Again

 We’re (begrudgingly) back from a lovely week at the cape and while I have 400+ pictures to sort and edit, I snagged a few to share with y’all on this quiet Monday morning.  They are all SOOC, so don’t judge them too harshly!

We enjoyed gorgeous weather all week which meant lots and lots of beach time – not that anyone would complain about that!   Baby girl LOVED splashing in the ocean and that handsome guy up there caught all sorts of crabs and lobsters and fish – oh my.

When we weren’t beaching it, we did plenty of this:

And this (sorry to have to do that to her beautiful face but rules are rules….):

We even set sail and joined a band of pirates. Arrrrr

And brought Sprout to his first baseball game

But mostly, we just spent a whole lot of time talking, and laughing, and loving.