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June 18, 2010

Six Months

Six months ago the rest of my life began.  It has been the hardest, most exhausting six months I’ve ever experienced.  I’ve doubted myself more than I ever have.  I’ve cried more than I ever have.  I’ve learned more than I ever have.

I can’t gush enough about the two children that call me mommy (well, lately its more mama or maaaammmmaaa ma ma mmmm).  I am so proud of them. I am proud to have them in my life.  They are much more than I deserve and even on the hardest days, I know how blessed I am.  I’m thankful for every bump, bruise, twist, and turn that landed me where I am today.

In celebration of all that love, we are off to my favorite place!

See ya when we get back 🙂