Tie it Together Thursday

I love blogging for the opportunity it gives me to release, reflect, and document my journey.  But, I also love it for the community that is built of shared experiences and common feelings.  I have seen my heart written over and over again by women hundreds of miles away living lives seemingly so different from my own.   So for today’s tieing it together, I’d like to share a few posts that have resonated with me.   A few posts in which they said it better than I ever could…

Disruption as a Blessing: Mama Drama 

The Beautiful Agony of Foster care: Welcome to my brain.net

The Otherness: Insert Metaphor

Impulsive Ramblings: Away We Go

He won’t be mine forever: Noisy. Colorful. Lively

Watch out, you might be tagged next 😉

ps. if I’ve tagged you here and you’d rather not be, shoot me a note and I’ll promptly edit.

3 Comments to “Tie it Together Thursday”

  1. Thanks for the link up! I just went back and read that post *sigh*

    Let me know about Sprout’s surgery. Simeon has been doing great, but I think the trick is pain meds. Now my only problem is reminding him that he’s got a hurt in his throat even though he can’t feel it. Also, he’s on a liquid-ish diet for the next couple of days. We’re about smoothied out here! We may try seriously over mushed mac n’ cheese tonight. The kid is dying for something with a little more substance.

  2. Thanks for the links! I always love finding new foster blogs! In fact, I just found yours from a different one! ha!
    Isn’t it funny how much it helps to have a community of bloggers you’ve never met before that know where you’re at?

  3. Thanks for including me. I too feel like my life is enriched by reading so many people’s perspectives on our various struggles and joys.

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