Ten Things (you might not know) Tuesday

1) I find whistling very creepy. I get shivers up my spine every time I hear someone whistle. 

2) I love cutting baby fingernails.

3) I’m just a little bit evil.  My wife refers to it as having a “twinkle in my eye”.

4) Case in point: I work with a severe germophobe.  She carries a napkin with her everywhere and uses it to press the elevator buttons.  She stands as far as possible from people and goes through copious amounts of hand sanitizer.  Whenever in her presence, I’m really tempted to cough, sneeze, or “accidentally” trip and touch her.   I haven’t actually done it, but I’ve daydreamed about it.

5) In high school and college I picked 80% of my schedule based on the classes my crush du jour was taking.  My transcript is very diversified.

6) I was caught drinking alcohol in the girl’s bathroom when I was 12.

7) I’m a real estate nerd.  We aren’t house hunting nor will we be any time soon, but I still check the listings for my town weekly.  I love to go to open houses and am obsessed with the section of my town paper that documents the home sales and prices.  My wife has to endure lots of conversations that begin with things like “Can you believe they listed that blue colonial on Beech Street for $XX??” or “The cute craftsman around the corner sold in 3 weeks! The new owners got a great deal too”.

8 ) In the fifth grade we were asked to write essays on what we wanted to do when we grew up. My response was entitled “I Want to Adopt”.  My mom still has that essay.

9) Growing up I hated my name and wished more than anything that I had been named Elizabeth.  Now I don’t mind my name as much, I just wish it was spelled differently.

10) We got matched with our current placements because of a message board.  Crazy, huh?

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