That was unexpected

I think I was just asked if we’d be willing to adopt the kids.

The question was really phrased along the lines of “What would you think if the children weren’t reunited?”  And its clear that reunification is still the primary objective.  But it looks as though their concurrent placement plan is going to be changed to adoption by their foster parents.  That’s us.  Wow.

My mind is literally spinning, especially since we’re coming off of a bumpy couple weeks in which we’ve been address with some concerns regarding the children’s care (nothing serious, of course…mostly just some dry skin and an unapproved hair cut). 

Roller coaster indeed! We’ll see where this ride lets off…

2 Comments to “That was unexpected”

  1. I have to say I’m a little envious. I’ve been dropping hints the size of ACME anvils that we’d be willing to consider Simeon for adoption if his case goes that way… and it should (limited to my opinion of course)! but they’re looking at a great aunt in another state who doesn’t even want him. *sigh*

    Sincerely, though, I hope your family finds the right plan and your dear ones find the right forever palce!

  2. So exciting. Very promising.

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