Things are looking up

After battling the dreaded 4 month wakeful period all night long, I was thrilled to wake up Saturday morning to find it well past 9am (unheard of!).  I felt so refreshed and renewed having woken up on my own accord, rather than to a screaming child or alarm clock, for the first time since December 18th.

I climbed out of bed, cherishing the ability to move at my own pace, and pulled open the curtains to a flood of warm sunshine.  I was greeted with the most beautiful sight.  Rosebud was laying on a blanket in the yard with streams of sunlight across her belly while she stared intently at the sky, watching branches move with the breeze above her.   Lilly, the dog, layed next to her, similarly sunbathing and tail-wagging while keeping a close eye on her people.  Then there was A, with Sprout as her shadow, working on our shed door that had broken off during the last storm.  I could tell by the way he walked that Sprout was pleased as punch to be A’s right hand man…she had even dug out a tool belt from who-knows-where to complete his look.

I threw on some clothes, poured myself a cup of coffee, and headed out the back door to greet these adorable people I’m blessed to call my family.  Predictably, Sprout was the first to spot me and ran over with a big smile.

“Mommy A’s a tool!”

“Excuse me?”

“Mommy A <he points to her for clarity> is a tool…and I’m Handy Manny!”

A laughs, “Yup, he’s been calling me a tool all morning; isn’t it great?”

Yes, yes it is.  In fact, I couldn’t imagine a greater way to kick off Spring 🙂

5 Comments to “Things are looking up”

  1. Ha! Gotta love it. My father was laid off before I knew what it meant, so I said he got ‘laid’ which of course…whole different meaning 😉

  2. What a beautiful way to wake up; a little sunshine, a little humor 🙂

  3. What a cute and funny story! So glad you got to sleep in and then enjoy such a lovely time with your family.

  4. This is a beautiful picture. Thanks for sharing. You have an adorable family.

  5. LOL! Sproutisms are such nice comic relief- thanks!

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