Winner Winner Pizza Dinner

Wow, is it Friday already??  Sorry to have abandoned ship on my giveaway, but this week suddenly turned into a big ball of fire on me with a trial in texas, a screaming judge, a car crash, and a four month old’s sleep regression.  I’ll never complain about my life being boring again.

To make up for it, I’ll be giving away two pizza and breadstick packs!! I knew with a little bribe you’d forgive me.

And without further ado, Sprout’s chocolatey little fingers have selected the following winners (for the record, he rarely gets chocolate, but we were baking cookies for a party tonight and he didn’t feel like washing his hands.  It wasnt a battle I was going to fight after the week I’ve had):

Sam and Rikki!

and for the half off coupons:

Monica and Emily!

Congrats and enjoy from my family to yours 🙂

Winners, please shoot me an email at ec371 @ aol dot com with your address so I can get those out to you asap.

And speaking of my email address, I’ve got another Q & A post in the works to answer some questions I’ve received over the past few weeks.   If there are any other lingering questions on your mind, please shoot me an email.  I’m an open book, ask away!

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