Rainy Monday Giveaway!

 Coming out of a weekend of gloom and rain, I’m ready for a little excitement in the form of our first giveaway! Whoo hoo!

Most of the time, the Moms2be household strives for healthy eating: fruits, veggies, whole grains, organic where it counts, you get the idea.  But lets face it, once in a while you just need a pizza night.  It’s delicious, its easy, and tomato sauce counts as a health food, right? 😉  So let me brighten your day with a free di.giorno pizza and bread sticks family pack!  It’s the very thing that helped Sprout and I get back to proper footing Friday evening. 

The first place winner will be the recipient of a coupon for a free family pack including a full size pizza, cheesy bread sticks, and marinara sauce.  The second and third place winners will receive a $4 off coupon for the same (half off in my local grocery).   So if you like pizza, leave me a comment with your favorite topping(s)!

Winners will be chosen in the very scientific names-out-of-a-hat method, drawn by an impartial and sometimes sticky three year old hand 🙂

12 Comments to “Rainy Monday Giveaway!”

  1. Coming out of lurkdom because my family loves pizza. Pepperoni!

  2. Add us please! I love all veggies.

  3. oh put me on the list. I could use a pick me up today. This rain is killing me!

  4. I love classics like ham and pineapple (with olives on occasion) but a new favorite is mashed potato pizza. Instead of red sauce it’s mashed potatoes, smothered with cheese and bacon – much like a potato skin! 🙂

  5. Fun idea! I love mushrooms and olives, all veggies really 🙂

  6. I almost bought this last week. I settled for my standby fav – pepperoni!

  7. I like pineapple. Simeon likes only cheese. Leo likes banana peppers. Ophelia will eat the rubber off her shoes if I don’t shovel food into her face fast enough, so she doesn’t get a vote.

    Fun give away! Thanks!

  8. I LOVE Pepperoni! love. love. love.

  9. Pineapple and ham!

  10. I like mushroom and pineapple–which sucks, because my wife hates both! Luckily her sister’s girlfriend loves it, too, so when the four of us get together I actually get to have it. I also like mushroom and green olives. Or mushroom and pepperoni. Can you tell I like mushrooms?

    My wife loves meaty pizzas. Any kind, really, but mostly pepperoni and sausage–and if it’s got bacon, too, well that’s even better. I’ll take pepperoni, especially if it’s nice and crispy, but not big on the others. Plain old pepperoni is usually our compromise.

  11. How fun! My favorite is plain cheese but my husband and the boys prefer meat, meat, and more meat.

  12. Oh, me me! 🙂
    I love white pizza with bacon, or regular pizza with pepperoni. Yum!

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