Shiney New Social Worker

In our state, and many others, each foster case is assigned two social workers…one for the kids, and one “support worker” for the parents.  Sounds quite comprehensive in theory, except we hadn’t heard a peep from our former support worker since the day we got the call for placement.  That was two and a half months ago.  We also rarely speak with the kid’s worker so, we’ve kind of been floating out on our own little island  and making it up as we go.  Until late last week when we got a call from our new support worker.  Just the fact that she was calling us impressed me (you like those high standards I have?).  We had her over to the house and chit chatted like old friends.  We were her first case after spending years in investigations so she joked about how unusual it was for people to actually want her in their house.  And, not only was she pleasant to chat with, but I heard back from her the very next day on some questions/issues I asked her to address.   Color me shocked!

2 Comments to “Shiney New Social Worker”

  1. Wow! She sounds great. How refreshing!

  2. Impressive! We don’t get support workers here, I hope she is able to help you navigate the system well.

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