Product Raves

You know what’s nice about being a foster parent?  You learn to survive on the essentials.  Since you have absolutely no idea what age child you are getting and have zero advanced notice (well, we had about 24 hours which was more than usual) you just learn to make due for a while.  That being said, I figured I’d share a few of the baby products we’ve discovered to make our day just a bit easier and we would recommend to parents far and wide.

My top three:

1) Gra*co Travel Lit*e Crib – This is first because the day this little crib arrived on my doorstep my life changed forever.  See, when Rosebud first came to live with us, we had a grand plan to have her sleeping in her crib from night one.  It would have gone along just fine if we didn’t have: the binky problem.  This problem consisted of a teeny tiny baby who’s pacifier would fall out of her mouth the second she fell asleep.  The falling pacifier would then wake her and she’d yell for anyone with arm/hand control to replace it.  Rinse and repeat 123498724589 during the night.  Even with her crib a mere 4 feet from our bed, this was craziness.  Enter the travel crib which could be pushed right up to our bed (aka: cheaper version of a cosleeper) and the binky problem was solved.  Also great about this little number is that it has wheels so depending on who’s night it is for baby duty, it’s easily moved from one side of the bed to the other.

2) Ca*lifornia Baby Cal*endula Cream – Remember Rosebud’s skin issue? Well the skies parted and angels sang when we slathered this magic cream on her rash.  Less than 24 hours and it was g-o-n-e.  It also works beautifully on her triple chin.  You know, the chubby area between her head and body that can get a little, er…raw? Problem solved! I’ve also heard it works miracles on diaper rash.

3) Seventh Gener*ation Diapers – Cloth diapering is a lot of fun, but there are just times when it isn’t the most convenient.  Also, many daycares (including ours) will only do disposables.  I’m a fan of these for Rosebud because they are chlorine free , hypoallergenic, and the possibility of dioxin traces is greatly reduced because they havent been bleached (the diapers are a tan color).  And not that any disposable diaper can really be considered green-friendly, but the non-chlorinated, non-bleached aspect does help the planet, a bit.

We also love: 

– Zip-up sleep n plays: i think we have 10 and I want more! Working mom’s dream for busy mornings.

– Vic*ks Filter free humidifier: we have one for each of the kid’s rooms AND it doubles as a perfect white noise machine.

– JJ C*ole bundleme: SO.MUCH.EASIER than the fleece suit we were using.  I should mention that car seat installers recommend not using this product; however I don’t really believe that a thin layer of fabric behind the child will cause her serious damage in an accident.  In fact, she’s quite a bit more snug and secure than she was in her fluffy coat.

– Baby Carriers: Bjorn Sport and Ergo both get thumbs up, though for different uses.  Bj.orn is for her to look around/explore and Ergo is the instant sleep carrier.

– Drive through Starbucks:  Until I had two kids to lug around, I never fully appreciated the beauty.  bliss.

3 Comments to “Product Raves”

  1. Great reviews. I want to get two travel lites. Two of the travel lites are cheaper than one new crib, and I see them a lot at thrift stores and consignment sales. We have two kid rooms and it’s a real pain taking the whole crib apart to move it around based on gender match ups. Not to mention, we have nothing for our bedroom, which means lots of walking to and from at night.

    One thing I love is my sit n’ stand stroller. It helps so much when I’m out with more than one… which is more often than not lately.

  2. Ah, drive through Starbucks. Life really is about the simple pleasures!

  3. Hi, truely appreciate your blog and will be coming back in the near future!

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