I’m allergic to my baby

Rosebud has started to develop some dry, sensitive skin over the past few weeks.  At one point she even had an allergic reaction (or so we’re guessing) to one of her bath products leading to a bumpy rash all over her face and ears.  So, we did a complete skin-care overhaul and I was thrilled when her skin cleared up and her soft, glowing, impossible to resist baby cheeks were back.

Just one problem.  I was rocking her to sleep last night after her bath and my arms started breaking out in hives.  I have lots of annoying allergies that I’ve learned to live with, but this one is just ridiculous.  Apparently I’m allergic to the only baby lotion that she’s not.

Back to the drawing board…

2 Comments to “I’m allergic to my baby”

  1. Oh, yikes! That is frustrating. I know Rosebud is a little young, so you may want to ask your dr., but for Simeon we use Eucerine. We bathe him only when we have to (2-3 times a week at most) and slather him with Eucerine afterward. We’ve also used baby oil gel with vitamin E in the past and it’s done well, enough. The Eucerine has been a miracle for us, though.

    Good luck finding a happy product for the both of you!

  2. Have you tried olive oil on her? My friend uses it on her little girl who arrieved from Ethipoia allergic to most everything. She says it works wonders.

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