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February 1, 2010

A Snapshot

Let’s face it, I do a fair amount of mentioning Sprout’s less desirable behaviors on here (ie: the meltdown of epic proportions we faced Thursday during bath time) but I want to make sure I give this boy a fair shake and highlight the many things he does so well.  Friday morning provided me with the perfect example…

At 5:15am A got up to shovel the driveway and since Sprout is (as his therapist has labeled him) hypervigilant, he sprung out of bed to see what the early morning fuss was about.  And now that he was up, there was no chance of getting him to go back to sleep.  So, A asked him to read some books quietly in his room until I got up. 

Pffft.  Sprout? Energetic, 3 year old, must-be-with-people Sprout? Read books alone in his room??  Well, wouldn’t you know it. 

I got myself and Rosebud up about 20 minutes later and peaked into Sprout’s room to see him sitting on his bed reading “I love you, Good Night” to Elmo who was placed gingerly in his lap.  I stood in the dark hallway watching him, holding his sleeping sister in my arms, and trying my hardest to soak in the wonder of these amazing children.  It didn’t matter that it wasn’t even 6am yet, or that my house was a mess, or that I had at least 20 emails overdue for a reply – all that mattered was that this beautiful little boy felt safe, secure, and loved enough to read a book by himself for a little while.  I know it seems like such a simple thing, but in our world – in his world – the ability to trust enough to be alone is huge.  I made sure to tell him how proud I was…after I blinked back the joyful tears.