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January 12, 2010


I’ve known for a long time that I’ve had the amazing luck of being matched with my soulmate.  It’s a blessing for which I’ll never be able to fully articulate my gratitude.  Those out there who’ve received the same gift know just what I mean.  My wife can finish my sentences, order exactly what I’m craving off of a menu, and know how I’m feeling by the touch of my hand.   She’s dried tears from devastating losses and picked me up when I’ve been crushed by life.  When I’m with her I breath deeper, laugh harder, and see the beauty in life just a bit more clearly.

But I’ve come to realize that these are not the only things that make her my soulmate.  There are things simpler than that – the things that we come across at 4pm on a Sunday and might even miss if we weren’t paying attention.  There is a lot of stress that is placed on a marriage when you become co-parents, but I’m so very thankful that I have these things to remember…

  • She tells me I’m beautiful at the end of a long day even though I have spit up on my shirt, pants, and socks, paint under my fingernails, and tears and snot in my hair.
  • Our moments of low-energy, little-patience, about-to-hit-the-wall never overlap.  This is key.
  • At 3am when the baby won’t stop crying, and I can’t either, she swoops in without a word,  stops all the tears, and gives me a kiss goodnight.
  • She reminds me that we can do this at the exact moment I need to hear it – and trusts me when I tell her the same.
  • We are in this together.  A united front against the terror that lives inside of our little boy.  And as long as we are a team, we are unstoppable. 

I’ve come to realize that being soulmates is not about how she makes me feel or the ways in which she completes me.  It’s much more about the shared dreams and goals.  It’s about what we can accomplish in this world together.