The good and the tough

My life is good. My heart is full. Some moments are tough.

Just because these children are the answer to many prayers, does not mean my days are nothing but sunshine and roses.  This parenting thing is hard!

So, in the interest of a little mommy-reality, here’s a quick break down:

The Tough

  • “Removing” a kicking, screaming, tantruming 3 year old from the playground with the eyes of the other parents burning into the back of your head.
  • Being the mom in the check out line at the store with a wailing child in her cart.
  • The whining. oh, the whining.  I hope my ears dont start to bleed from it all.
  • The constant battle of wills over going to school, getting dressed, brushing teeth, cleaning up, getting out of the bath, going to bed, ect ect ect.
  • The alligator tears.
  • The real tears.
  • The horrible, multiple times a night, night terrors.
  • The jealousy and mean words A endures every day.
  • Missing my wife.
  • The exhaustion and complete lack of any downtime.
  • The guilt, the doubt, the worry.

The Good

  • Being mommy.
  • Lots and lots of hugs and kisses, smiles, and “I love you”s.
  • 3 year old belly laughs.
  • Knowing that a child feels at home in your arms.
  • Family dance parties around the dining room table.
  • Snuggles and book reading in the evenings.
  • A sleeping baby on my chest.
  • Having a child trust you enough to show you their sad sides.
  • Glowing reports from daycare.
  • Imagination, learning, and being able to provide a child with the chance to grow and explore.
  • Having a whole new and wonderful relationship with my wife.  Having her support to get through the tough.
  • Having children teach me about the person I want to be.

4 Comments to “The good and the tough”

  1. Ohhhh… the good and the bad!!! I can so relate! We are so blessed with Princess and that she is a very, very good baby and so very happy. Of course, having her since she was 2 days old helps! Having the 2 year old was very hard. We are waiting for our next placement, so I can write the same things you just wrote!

  2. I can relate 100%. Did I ever tell you about LMC’s meltdown in the grocery store? I still cringe and it was 4 months ago. The good really does help temper the tough.

    I am so glad these precious children are in your care. Everyday they are with you they have a chance to be okay.

    I’m sorry A is gettting spoken to like that, please hug her for me.Holler if you need anything!

  3. Thanks for sharing the tough and the good. Hopefully the good continue to outweigh the tough and I’m sure together you and A will get through it!

  4. I think i could have written that post. Amen!

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